Zara Inspired Shoot

Can’t even explain how excited I am over this shoot.

Most people who know me, know that I have a huge passion for fashion photography. Whenever my schedule slows down, I love to take some time to find some inspiration and put something together for my fashion portfolio. As soon as finals were over, and my holiday mini sessions were beginning to slow down, I was more than ecstatic to have a chance to brainstorm some ideas.

Recently for my 20th birthday I went to Zara, one of my favorite stores to get a couple coats for an upcoming New York trip I have coming up. I became inspired as soon as I stepped into the store, and immediately knew that I wanted to put together a shoot. Their newest collection of fall coats aligned perfectly with the vision I had created both in my head, and on my Pinterest board.

I wanted to create something high fashion, so as soon as I had all my ideas together I created a mood board. I also reached out to my friend Cat Norris, who is a professional model signed with No Ties Model Management. She was interested in the shoot, and our schedules both worked out perfectly with the schedule of the shoot which made things run super smooth.

When it came to finding a location, I looked up a couple different spots on Yelp, and then also went to instagram to see how other photographers were able to capture those locations as well. After a couple different searches, I found the perfect location in the hills of Irvine. I wanted to shoot at sunrise to avoid getting harsh lighting (it was also nice avoiding traffic hours as well).

Regardless of the fact that we all had to wake up extremely early, everything worked out great, and I was so happy with the way everything turned out. You can also check out some behind the scenes photos shot on my film camera at the end of the album.


Heres some behind the scenes photos i shot on my film camera that day…