Booking a Home Session

In the past, most of my photo sessions have been booked to shoot at outdoor locations. I love shooting outdoors because it is pretty easy to work with the lighting, and finding locations is also pretty easy as well. However…recently I have been totally in LOVE with home sessions. A lot of people get a little confused when I talk about home sessions, and typically don’t see the purpose in booking a home session. Likewise, many people also don’t view this as an option because they don’t think their home is “picture ready”. I want to take this opportunity to answer some questions and try and convince you that home sessions are awesome, inexpensive, and totally do-able!

What is the purpose of taking photos in my house when I could just find a gorgeous outdoor location?

Taking photos inside of a house creates a completely different mood compared to outdoor photos. Being inside a home allows you and your family to feel much more comfortable with your surroundings, and therefore makes it much easier to capture your true emotions! It seriously is beautiful!

(the photos below show exactly what I am talking about )

My house is too small/not cute/too dark, and would not work for a home shoot…..

Don’t stress sis! We can take the pictures in as much, or as little, of our home as you want to show. We can even focus on just one small part of a room, window, door, etc. Or, you can have a home studio shoot instead - see below.

What are home studio shoots?

While having a your own house to shoot at is awesome and more personable, it is totally not necessary. Anyone can book a house shoot by choosing from a large list of home-studios! It basically works the same way as AIRBNB. You pick out your home, we book the session, and we meet at the house to shoot for a couple of hours! Its super simple, and totally affordable! The Photos from the photos below were actually shot in a home-studio!

Is renting a home studio expensive?

The answer to this question will obviously vary depending on the photographer you end up working with, but here is how I do it.

If you are local to my location and are wanting to book a shoot at your house, the cost would be the same as an outdoor session which is totally affordable! If you are wanting to rent a home studio, the costs of the studio would get added onto my standard pricing. So the final cost would depend on how expensive of a house you are wanting to book. The house we rented for the photos below was one of the cutest houses I have ever seen, and it was super inexpensive!

Feel free to reach out if you would like quotes on some different houses!


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