Behind the Color Drenching

A couple months ago, I got totally inspired with the idea of “color drenching”…a term that I never even knew existed until my friend Angela mentioned it in a conversation. The concept of color drenching is pretty self explanatory, it basically means to focus on styling your model in one color completely from head to toe. So anyways, I was super excited about this idea and decided to plan a shoot based on this concept.

Here is what went into the planning:

  1. Creating the Vision

    The first thing I did when it came to organizing all of my ideas for this shoot was to create a Mood Board. Mood Boards are a great way to get inspired, and are also super useful when it comes to deciding which locations, models, and clothing styles you want to incorporate into the shoot. I started by creating a Pinterest board with all of the Photos that I thought best matched the ideas in my head. Then, I narrowed down those photos to my top favorites, and used that to create my mood boards. As soon as I had my mood boards perfected, I sent them to my models and stylist, to make sure everyone was on the same page.


Pinterest Board


Mood Boards


2. Finding a Stylist

The second, and most important part of planning this shoot was finding a stylist that could help achieve my vision. I knew that I needed to bring someone else in to help because while I had the vision for the shoot, I had absolutely no idea where to begin when it came to executing the different looks. So, I reached out to my friend Angela Varela because I knew that she would be absolutely PERFECT for this job. We met earlier this year, and I have totally trusted her vision when it comes to styling my models for shoots, etc. 


3. Finding the Models

This was probably one of the more difficult tasks. Initially, I had all of my models picked out and confirmed for the shoot. Keep in mind, that each model was designated a color that went well with their skin tones, and likewise the clothing sizes were picked specifically for the girls as well. So basically the morning of the shoot came and some of the models were not able to make it at the last minute!! I totally freaked out!! Luckily, I had some other close friends who had experience with modeling, and they were able to make it (and they absolutely KILLED it). Thankfully, the colors all worked out perfectly with everyone’s skin-tones, and we didn’t have to change too much the morning of the shoot.


4. Getting the studio

The last and final step was finding a studio. We ended up going with a studio in DTLA because it was pretty local, and their availability worked well with everyone’s schedules. When booking, we requested to have 6 different colors of seamless backdrop paper installed at our studio. The people working at the studio were kind of confused and didn’t quite understand why we needed six different backdrops, and more importantly, how we would even have time to shoot everything within our 2 hour shoot.

Here is what the shoot looked like:

So once we all got to the studio, we had about 2 hours to get 6 different looks shot. Luckily all of the backdrops were in place already, so it made it super easy to move back and forth between the different colors. Angela would style the first girl, send her to me, I would shoot them and then send them back to her for their next look, and thats pretty much how the shoot went. The shoot also took place in the MIDDLE of August, so it was also well over 90 degrees while we were shooting, but everyone had fun and it ended up being a super awesome shoot!


Check out the behind the scenes video: